The Coords Preserve was donated to the Warren Land Trust in 2005 by Priscilla Coords – Warren’s Town Treasurer from 1969 to 1981 - and her children, Barbara and Deane Coords.  Of her gift, Mrs. Coords said, “We love this town. We moved here in 1949 and have wonderful memories of our life in the country. Our donation is our thank you to the people of Warren.”

The property is in the Town Hill section of Warren, which was once the center of town.  The trail into the preserve was once City Hill Road, which was in service for much of the 19thcentury, but was abandoned by the town in 1905. That trail extends beyond WLT property into Wyantenock State Forest, eventually connecting with the blue-blazed Mattatuck Trail, ending at Valley Road on the Washington border.

The Coords Preserve has several interesting natural and historical features. There are two beaver ponds and a wild grape arbor, as well as wildflowers such as lady’s slipper and star-flower. Redwing blackbirds and king birds can be sighted as well.City Hill Road was the site of several late 18th- and 19th-century home-sites, the cellar holes and stone walls of which can still be seen today