The Cashion Preserve is a parcel of nearly seven and a half acres located at the intersection of Cornwall Road (Route 45) and Windy Ridge Road.  This quiet oasis just off of one of the town’s busiest roads features hardwoods and wetlands, and is a functioning wildlife habitat.

 This acreage was donated to the Warren Land Trust by Robert and Barbara Cashion in 1994.  The family settled in Warren sometime after 1930, and in 1944 purchased property on either side of Melius Road from the Robert Morgan, the widower of Ludlow Melius’ second wife, Emily Swallow Melius.

 Originally, the Cashions had approached the Nature Conservancy, which had held other conservation lands in the area, about their proposed donation. The Conservancy’s leadership in turn referred them to the Warren Land Trust as an organization better suited to receive the property.  We are grateful to the Cashion family for their property donation, and to the Nature Conservancy for the referral which brought it to us.  And anyone driving along Route 45 is also undoubtedly grateful that a little more open space has been preserved along the Warren stretch of that thoroughfare!