Ruins of colonial homestead in warren forest?

As snow fell on a Saturday in early December, the State Archaeologist of Connecticut, Dr. Nicholas Bellantoni, met with Land Trust then-President Tom Paul, Town Historian Ellen Paul, board member Rebecca Neary and former board member Jed Struckus to investigate what seems to have been the site of an 18th or early 19th century homestead in the woods near Melius Road. The homestead is on private property along a section of what was once Turnpike #15, a road which was abandoned after the City of Waterbury dammed the Shepaug River in the early decades of the 20th century, creating a large reservoir not far from the turnpike.

The ruins of this homestead seem to have been undisturbed by trespassers – an unusual situation for a site dating back so far, and probably a by-product of the turnpike falling into disuse. Visitors to the site found a system of stone walls surrounding a solid foundation, as well as what appear to have been outbuildings. Also visible were the remains of at least one well. The relatively extensive nature of the ruins suggest that the homestead was one of some wealth and importance, although further investigation will be required to verify the site’s age and character. This information was provided by Ms. Paul. Information regarding the homesite, and about Warren’s history in general, can be found on the town’s history website:

Hilary Adorno