From The President’s Desk

The first half of 2010 presented new objectives, old reminders, and future challenges for the Land Trust. Our fund-raising campaign confronted the recessionary economy and supporters of the Trust gave generously. Under treasurer Barbara Page’s leadership, the funds have been invested wisely and the financial stability of the Trust remains robust.

The first Newsletter of 2010 drew many positive comments. Perhaps most fascinating was the article on Charles Grandison Finney, the preacher-educatorrevivalist largely given credit for the Second Great Awakening. It was pleasing to discover we had such an instrumental religious figure emanating from Warren.

The Land Trust’s website has been upgraded, and under Tom Sarsfield’s direction new material and most recent information has been added. We hope you will take advantage of viewing it.

Ann Martindale performed yeoman labor in examining the past twenty years of Land Trust records. She has ordered them, brought them up-to-date, and we are delighted that our records now sit safely in the new Town Hall.

We were honored to be awarded a significant donation from the Connecticut Community Foundation that resulted in our Fall Appreciation Party, which was held at the Rooster Tail Inn on September 18th. The event was a splendid opportunity to converse with citizens of Warren, listen to their ideas, and convey our plans for the future. The atmosphere was convivial and the staff of the Rooster Tail was obliging.

As I write, we are planning for the Warren Fall Festival, held on October 9 and 10. We hope that you came and met with the Board members. This year, we will have given out detailed maps showing the farmland, streams, and woods of Warren together with the holdings of the Trust. Additionally, we will have offered organic plants from the gardens of Henry and Carolyn Brau, as well a supply of birdhouses and Land Trust clothing. We also have planned a surprise: by the time this newsletter reaches you, one of you will have been the lucky winner of a new kayak!

Finally, under the leadership of our legal experts Ann Martindale and Dan Hulseberg, we have endeavored to start the pilgrimage toward formal accreditation and acceptance by the National Land Trust. You can read more about our steps in this direction in this issue of the Newsletter.

I have been pleased to hear directly from so many people in Warren who value and support our mission. I encourage you all to contact any member of the Board as each one brings a unique talent that serves the Trust and the Community. Once again, please accept my sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness, generosity, and support.

Ted Morse

Hilary Adorno