From The President’s Desk

By the time you see this newsletter in your mailbox, spring will hopefully have sprung for good. It’s been a winter with a fair share of drama, and not just in terms of the weather. For example, we most certainly are living in an eventful and highly politicized moment.

As president of the Warren Land Trust, I have the honor of representing an organization that has always represented a spectrum of political viewpoints. Regardless of where our directors and members stand politically, however, we are united in our dedication to our land conservation mission. That means preserving open space - fields, forests, and farmlands - in the form of land donations and conservation easements. It also involves recreational and educational programming that helps get our community out and enjoying the great outdoors and beauty of nature, as well as helping people understand why it’s valuable to do so. I hope you will enjoy reading more about the latter subject in this newsletter.

It is also worth underscoring that the Warren Land Trust is not a political organization or a part of town administration. Rather, we are an independent non-profit organization. Our status as such prohibits us from lobbying or supporting political candidates as an organization. Instead, we are a voice in support of open space preservation and the rural atmosphere that is such an important part of our town’s character. That does not make us adversaries of development: we recognize that thoughtful and well-managed development is important to maintain the town’s viability and to foster economic opportunity.

Above all, we see ourselves as a fundamental part of the fabric of civil society in Warren and beyond. We voluntarily expend our time, energy, expertise, and resources in support of a cause we believe in – an effort which we believe makes our community stronger. To paraphrase the old saying, we may think globally - in a range of different ways as individuals - but we act locally together…. and take pride in and satisfaction from those actions. We hope you will join us!


Rebecca Neary

Hilary Adorno