Eel Pond Preserve is located on the north side of Route 341 and was donated by the McMurtrey family in 1996. Because of its location along the main East/West route between New York State and most of Litchfield County, Eel Pond is one of our most picturesque and visible holdings and, as such, a prime example of the benefits of preservation.

This scenic waterbody hosts wood ducks and other waterfowl and wildlife, as well as water lilies and other wetland plants. Like all swamps, Eel Pond may eventually turn into meadowland, but for the foreseeable future, it abounds with sunfish, brown trout, fresh water mussels, various species of turtle, snake and frog plus otter, raccoon, deer and much avian life including egrets and herons. The water from Eel Pond, which is principally spring fed, runs out the East side of the pond, north of the Warren General Store and across Route 45 east to become part of Sucker Brook.  From there, the water finds its way south to Lake Waramaug. 

In honor of our 30th anniversary celebration, WLT built a viewing platform at the preserve. The viewing platform is 12 feet by 14 feet with a seating area from which to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful surroundings. The platform is easily accessible for all ages and abilities the parking lot along Route 341.