How The Warren Land Trust Works

Land under the protection of the Warren Land Trust is preserved and protected from development forever. We accomplish this in several ways:

Gift of Land: We welcome gifts of all types of undeveloped land – fields, forest land, wetlands and swamp areas, farmland, steeply sloped areas and ledge areas. All contribute to the natural beauty of Warren. We occasionally purchase undeveloped land using funding from grants or neighborhood donors. No land owned by the Warren Land Trust will ever be developed or sold for development purposes.

Gift of Conservation Restriction: By using a conservation restriction (sometimes called a conservation easement), you retain ownership of your land and agree that no development (except for the limited activities permitted in the agreement) may take place on your land. This agreement is recorded on the Warren Land Records and permits the Warren Land Trust to enforce these restrictions against all owners of your land forever. See Sample Conservation Restriction for an example.

Preservation Strategies & Tax Benefits: For a summary of Land Preservation Strategies & Potential Tax Benefits, please visit our Preservation Strategies page.


Board Of Directors

President: Rebecca Neary 37 Bliss Road 868-1250
Vice President: Tim Angevine 100 Town Hill Road 868-0814
Treasurer: Barbara Page 232 Melius Road 868-9198
Secretary: Nancy Adams Morse 140 Town Hill Road 619-8031
Director: Jack Baker 20 Hardscrabble Road 868-0304
Director: Jamie Browne 7 Arrowpoint Road 619-0299
Director: Laura Moore Brown 60 Cornwall Road 619-8089
Director: Timothy Clew 42 Flat Rocks Road 868-1676
Director: Rebecca Connor 37 Melius Road 868-1277
Director: Daniel Hulseberg 54 Chester Road 868-1429
Director: Dorothy S. Maier 23 Cornwall Road 868-0336
Director: Bill Mansfield 40 Melius Road 868-7411
Director: Ted Morse 140 Town Hill Road 619-8031
Director: Dave Schneiderbeck 335 Brick School Road 868-9534
Ex Officio: Craig Nelson    


Please call any of us for additional information about the Warren Land Trust.